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Multiple Teams · AHS Wrestlers to Fargo

Four AHS wrestlers qualified and represented Texas at the USA Wrestling Freestyle Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota this summer.  Team Texas consisted of thirty girls from across the entire state.  Six of them wrestled for the Arlington Storm Wrestling Club at Arlington High School.

“When I first walked in the arena, I thought “Oh, wow!”.  I had never seen anything that big before. There were so many matches going on.  After our practices, I was so exhausted.  I would be too hyped up to try to sleep; so, I would just hang out and watch movies.  It was a great experience but very tiring.”  – Blondie

The participants from the Arlington Storm Club consisted of the following:

Ariel R. (AHS Sophomore), Adriana “Blondie” K. (AHS Sophomore), Asia R. (AHS Junior), Jill B. (AHS Senior), J.B. R. (SGP Junior), and Megan F. (MHS Junior.)